Booking a Landscaper: How Far in Advance Should You Plan?

When it comes to booking a professional landscaper, timing is everything. The demand for landscaping services fluctuates with the seasons, and in a city like ours, where the weather can be unpredictable, planning ahead is crucial.

Peak Season Planning: Spring and Early Summer

Spring and early summer are the busiest times for landscapers. This is when everyone is eager to get their yards and gardens in shape after the long winter. To secure a spot during this peak season, it’s advisable to start reaching out to landscapers as early as late winter or early spring. For major projects like complete garden overhauls or new installations, contacting a professional a few months in advance is wise.

Routine Maintenance and Shorter Lead Times

For routine maintenance tasks such as lawn mowing, edging, or general upkeep, a lead time of a few weeks is usually sufficient. However, if you’re planning for a specific event or if your project is large and complex, allowing more time for scheduling is recommended.

Autumn Scheduling: Preparing for Winter

The fall season, focusing on preparation for winter, can also be a busy time, especially as many homeowners seek to winterize their gardens and lawns. For fall services, contacting a landscaper by late summer is advisable.

Off-Peak Opportunities: Late Summer and Winter

During the off-peak seasons, like late summer and winter, landscapers typically have more availability. This can be an ideal time for planning and executing projects that don’t depend heavily on weather conditions, such as hardscaping or planning for spring projects.

Weather Considerations and Flexibility

It’s important to note that weather plays a significant role in our scheduling. Delays can occur due to prolonged rain or unexpected frosts, which can push back project start dates. Flexibility and understanding from clients during these times are always appreciated.


The key to ensuring that your landscaping needs are met is to plan ahead, especially for major projects or services during the peak seasons. By contacting a professional landscaper well in advance, you can secure your desired timeframe and have peace of mind that your outdoor space will be ready when you need it.

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