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Stonework, done right, is a virtually maintenance-free way to make your home more enjoyable and increase its value.


With Winnipeg's always-shifting clay ground, lasting stonework needs to be engineered to adapt to inevitable movement. This can be accomplished through a proper foundation and a flexible interlocking brick system.

Step 1: Excavate organic material

Illustration of skid-steer loader

First, we remove as much organic material as possible – organic material is what absorbs water and therefore changes in volume, causing the ground to shift. The area under your future patio will be excavated to a depth of 10" (or more, if necessary). This is beyond the depth that many landscapers try to get away with.

Step 2: Lay geo-textile

Illustration of landscaping fabric

We install a geo-textile membrane, sometimes called landscaping fabric, as a barrier between the stone base and the clay sub-soil. The geo-textile is a water-permeable fabric that allows water to drain out of the base stone while preventing the clay sub-soil from mixing with the foundation.

Step 3: Add and compact stone base

Illustration of vibrating plate compactor

The organic material will be replaced with an inorganic foundation of crushed stone. 3/4" down crushed limestone has excellent drainage properties, allowing moisture to drain away from the surface of the patio where it can do the most damage. To increase load-bearing capacity and prevent settling, the crushed stone is pressed down with a vibrating plate compactor.

We ensure that the stone base extends beyond the finished square footage of the patio, driveway or retaining wall. No cutting corners.

Step 4: Lay bricks

Illustration of laying bricks

With the construction of a proper foundation, we have done what we can to minimize and control the movement of the ground. But unfortunately we cannot eliminate movement completely, so for the surface itself, we need to use materials that will accommodate movement. This is where concrete pavers and modular retaining walls come in. Rather than a single piece of concrete, hundreds of bricks function as a system that allows for movement between units.

Step 5: Sweep and vibrate in polymeric sand

Illustration of sweeping polymeric sand into brick joints

Many once-beautiful patios have transformed into weedy eyesores over the years. The sand often employed to fill the joints between pavers and stones tends to blow away with wind and washed away by rain. Weeds love unoccupied dirt and so do ants.

Polymeric sand all but eliminates this problem. It's a fine sand mixed with a powdered-epoxy. We sweep and vibrate polymeric sand into the joints then we wet the entire surface. Water activates the epoxy adhesive, cementing the sand into places. It creates a flexible interlock.

Patios with polymeric sand can be cleaned with a hose or even a pressure washer without a worry.

Step 6: Enjoy your new space

Illustration of finished patio with patio furniture

We leave your yard clean and ready for you to enjoy the moment we leave.

Our Guarantee

We value the confidence you have placed in us. Thank you. We make every attempt to ensure that the work we do is completed on time and on budget and fulfills your own vision for your yard. And so, if something goes wrong, we make it right.

Five-Year Guarantee

In the case of patios, walkways and retaining walls, we have such confidence in our materials and techniques, that we guarantee our work for a full five years from the date of completion. With proper preparation, these parts of your landscape should stand strong for years to come. If not, we will make it right.

One-Year Guarantee on Everything Else

All of our work covered by an unconditional one-year guarantee. This means that if there is anything not to your satisfaction we will do our best to find a remedy.

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sherri penner


We are very happy with our new yard. They were able to come out earlier than expected and were happy to accommodate us when we made some changes to the original plan. I will definitely callRead more … Earthworks Landscaping for future projects.

Greg James


Very pleased with quality of workmanship. Highly recommend

Don McLeod


This is our second time using Earthworks, Dwayne always gives you exactly what you want. Fast, efficient, and tidy service. The price quoted is the price invoiced, and the post project maintenanceRead more … is above and beyond. Piece of mind for the next 5 years, if something shifts they will fix it. I won't hesitate to call Dwayne for our next landscaping project.

KK Pinkowski


Fantastic service and fast and efficient. We are so pleased with our yard and couldn't have been happier with Dwayne and his crew. Thanks so much! Five stars all the way.