Where to Get Limestone in Manitoba

Limestone, a staple in Manitoba landscaping, holds a special place due to its rich geological history and unique composition. Formed from ancient marine sediments, this stone is not just a material but a slice of the Earth's past, offering both beauty and durability.

1. Local Quarries

Manitoba's quarries are the primary sources for high-quality limestone, providing a variety of options for different landscaping needs. You can go straight to the quarry.

  • Tyndall Stone Quarries: Located near Garson, these quarries are renowned for Tyndall Stone, characterized by its distinctive mottled appearance and fossils, a testament to its marine origins.
  • Gillis Quarries Limited: Offers a range of limestone products, known for their quality and variety, suitable for different applications.

2. Landscaping Supply Stores

Aside from quarries, several landscaping supply stores across Manitoba offer limestone in various forms.

  • Examples: Stores like The Stone Centre Inc. and Ron Paul Garden Centre provide a wide array of limestone products, from flagstones to decorative boulders, catering to diverse landscaping projects.

3. Online Classified Ads

For those looking for convenience or specific pieces, online marketplaces like Kijiji or local Facebook groups can be valuable sources for limestone.

4. From us, Earthworks Landscaping!

We regularly source limestone for clients and, of course, can install it for you.


Sourcing limestone in Manitoba is a relatively simple process, thanks to the region's natural abundance of this material. The biggest challenge is that it's big and heavy!

Whether you choose to visit a quarry, a local landscaping supply store, browse online, or get us to help, you'll find that Manitoba limestone is readily available to enhance your outdoor space with its natural beauty and historical significance.

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