A Patio You'll Actually Use

Thoughtful patio and landscape designs begins with this question: How do you want to use your yard?

Trends vs. Personal Needs

One of the hottest trends in landscaping today is outdoor kitchens. Lawn and garden magazines are filled with articles about the movement towards outdoor cooking.

That's fantastic for people who love to cook outdoors. But if what you really need is just a quiet spot in the sun to relax and enjoy a book? In that case, let's leave the built-in BBQ and wood-fired pizza oven to someone who will use it on a regular basis.

Tailoring Designs to Different Life Stages

If you're a young couple contemplating starting a family, your needs will be very different from a family with teens who are poised to leave the house in the next few years. And empty nesters with possible future mobility issues will have a different set of priorities.

Low maintenance vs high maintenance

If you love gardening you might actually want a high maintenance landscape. Many people love pruning and shaping trees and shrubs. Some people get great pleasure moving and dividing perennials and deciding what to put in next spring.

If this is not you, it will be a chore. Design your landscape with low-maintenance in mind.

Privacy vs openness

Landscape design can either create neighbourly openness or a private oasis, or both. People have very different needs and preferences here!

Our Commitment to Clients

Regardless, our approach here at Earthworks Landscaping is to favor your actual needs over anything else, to build something you'll actually love using, year after year.

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