Decks vs. Patios

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Earthworks Landscaping does woodwork and stonework. Let's figure out which one is right for you.

(Patio-bias warning! Though decks are more popular than patios, we do admit to having a patio bias.)



Decks range in price from about $15.00 / sq ft (for the simplest pressure-treated wood construction) to $50.00 / sq ft or more (for things like low-maintenance composite decking, aluminum and glass handrails, etc.)


Patios range in price from $12.00 / sq ft to $35.00 / sq ft. The price depends on materials chosen, complexity of design and location of patio. As you can imagine, simple shapes are quicker to do than complex free-form designs. And, as far as the location of the patio goes, if we can get our machinery into the area, it's much easier to excavate and bring in stone base.



Wooden decks require regular maintenance to stay looking great. Typically, treatment with water repellent and stain every three to seven years does the trick. Composite decks require less maintenance, although the wood framing will still deteriorate over time.


Patios require much less work. By using polymeric sand between stones and pavers, the problem of weeds in joints is all but eliminated. Patios will last longer than decks, with less maintenance. There's a reason the Romans built their roads from stone instead of wood!



Decks are typically restricted to right-angled shapes. Wood curves can be really interesting to build, but they are also challenging and therefore costly.


Patios can be built relatively easily in any shape. Complete design freedom!

Terraced patios can get pricy, so if you want that third dimension, a multi-level deck isn't a bad way to go. That said, an elevated stone patio with built-in seating is a very impressive sight.



  • Who doesn't love the natural warmth of wood? It's a friendly, cozy look.
  • For real wood, there are many stain shades to choose from and there's an increasing variety of colours and styles of composite decking available.


  • Stone reminds us of the natural environment, like wood does, but stone also carries a feeling of permanence.
  • Wide range of paver styles and colors available to suit your taste.

City of Winnipeg Residential Building Permits


No permits are required for most patios under two feet in height.


Most decks require a permit, so be prepared to spend a fun afternoon at the City of Winnipeg permit office!

Either way, deck or patio, we can help you sort it out. You can tell we love patios, but building decks are also great projects.

We love all this stuff over at Earthworks, so don't hesitate to shoot Dwayne a text or email, or give him a call any time.

Reviews from Google

Brent Richards

We heard about this company and the good work they do from a family member. We subsequently hired them to do a large interlocking brick patio and raised stone planter at the rear of our house. TheRead more … patio was large, with an intricate design. I was extremely impressed with their work, right from protecting our lawn from damage to the excellent work they did on the patio and planter. The crew was very pleasant and worked hard in very hot weather. We have already had many compliments on our new patio and planter and we will be hiring them to do a stone planter in our front yard next year. Very professional and service oriented, which is a nice trait in this day and age!

Keith Johnston

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Dwayne and his team. His knowledge and expertise provided the perfect conclusion to our summer yard overhaul project. We would strongly recommend Earthworks forRead more … your next landscaping project. You won't be disappointed.

Don McLeod

This is our second time using Earthworks, Dwayne always gives you exactly what you want. Fast, efficient, and tidy service. The price quoted is the price invoiced, and the post project maintenanceRead more … is above and beyond. Piece of mind for the next 5 years, if something shifts they will fix it. I won't hesitate to call Dwayne for our next landscaping project.

Evan Proven

Looks great and he billed what he quoted! This was our second project with Earthworks and we would recommend them to anyone.

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