Restore your patio

A concrete paver patio can last for many years with minimal maintenance, but when things go wrong, we can help.

Sinking and cracking

The clay sub-soil found in Winnipeg can be challenging. It expands dramatically when wet, and if July is hot and dry, the ground will shrivel up, often producing large cracks in your yard. As you can imagine, this expansion and contraction can be hard on patios. A well-made patio will have a stone base under the patio to help to isolate the surface from the movement of the sub-soil, but over time you still may see cracks developing or portions of your patio may start to sink.

We'd love to help.

The good news

Concrete paver patios are typically easily repaired. Assuming that the crushed stone base is still sound, it is a process of removing the pavers, re-leveling the base with additional crushed stone and then re-setting the pavers with new polymeric sand in the joints to lock everything together and to seal out dirt and weeds.

Only in rare cases will it be necessary to replace the old stone base.


  1. You email us at Feel free to include photos.
  2. We come down and have a look to see what needs to be done.
  3. We give you a quote.
  4. If you're happy to trust Earthworks with the job, we schedule the work.
  5. We come and do the work. You end up with a beautifully restored patio.


It is difficult to give a simple "per square foot" price for patio repairs. Costs can vary widely depending on the size, location, and condition of the patio, but have a look at the following article for some rough guidelines on repair costs: Patio Repair Costs.

Send us an email to talk about your patio problems

We'd love to help you out with your patio or driveway repair.

Send us an email at Feel free to include photos of your situation.

Reviews from Google

Mark Vokey


Dwayne came to our home about a month ago, saw what we wanted done, gave us a quote and indicated it would be around 6 weeks before they could get to it. In about 5 weeks he called to indicate thatRead more … they would begin the next day at 8. They were on time, did a great job, in extreme heat & humidity and the end cost was as quoted. Needless to say I enjoy working with people who are on time, honest and do professional work - Earthworks Landscaping covers off all of these important points for me.

Carl Hrenchuk


Earthworks does a thoroughly professional job from the design stage forward through to the completed project. Super attention to both the look and function of the project, as well as prompt serviceRead more … at the quoted price, supported by a great warranty. Couldn't recommend more highly!

Ryan Blight


We've used Earthworks twice now, and have been incredibly pleased with both jobs. Highly recommended.

C Powell


We had many contractors come to give estimates and we chose Earthworks. Dwayne's estimate on when he could do the project was incredible and he charged us what he quoted. We had done some changesRead more … after the initial meeting and within 24 hours we had a revised estimate sent to us for review and he made additional suggestions to us for consideration. He actually was able to start before the estimated date and we couldn't be happier with our new backyard space. I was most impressed when emailing questions that he would answer them very quickly. Not only was the workmanship excellent but the professionalism in returning questions and offering alternative solutions exceeded our expectations!!!!