It Pays to Buy Pavers Made in Canada

As a Canadian small business, we are pleased to say that the vast majority of the materials we use in our work are produced by Canadian manufacturers. In particular, the pavers and retaining wall blocks we use are all produced right here in Manitoba.

Canadian Pavers Have No Equal

I frequently hear about the great deals to be had in purchasing paving stones and patio slabs from big box stores south of the border. There are a few reasons why these deals may not be what you expect.

Transportation Costs and Environmental Impact

Concrete products, as you may guess, are extremely heavy, and the cost of transporting a few pallets of bricks from North Dakota to Winnipeg can very quickly negate a large portion of your savings. Locally made pavers make better use of resources, reducing shipping costs and minimizing adverse environmental impacts.

Quality and Durability

Additionally, the pavers you buy at Menards may not be the equal of Canadian made pavers. Because of our harsh climate, Canadian pavers are subject to higher standards of quality than those intended for the American market. This results in pavers of higher density, lower porosity, and greater resistance to the freeze-thaw cycles we experience every spring.

Installation Techniques

Installation practices also vary. In Canada, techniques are adapted for colder climates, involving deeper base excavation, specific gravel types for drainage, and considerations for frost heave. While quality installation is crucial in both countries, the methods used may differ to accommodate local conditions.

In summary, while both Canadian and American concrete pavers serve similar purposes, there are significant differences in their durability, design, cost, and installation methods. For projects in Winnipeg and similar climates, the rigorously tested Canadian pavers often present a more suitable and reliable choice. As landscapers, it’s our responsibility to choose the right products for each project.

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