How Much Weight Can Concrete Pavers Support?

Concrete pavers are a robust and versatile solution for paving driveways and patios. A key aspect of their functionality is their ability to support significant weight. This article breaks down the factors that contribute to the load-bearing capacity of concrete pavers, particularly focusing on driveways and patios, and translates this capacity into more practical terms.

Factors Influencing Concrete Pavers' Strength

  • Material Composition: The strength of concrete pavers depends on the mixture of cement, aggregates, and water. The quality of these materials determines how much weight the pavers can support.
  • Compressive Strength (PSI): Concrete pavers are often rated by their compressive strength in pounds per square inch (PSI). Residential pavers should have a minimum compressive strength of about 5,000 PSI. For comparison, most poured concrete will be about 3000 PSI
  • Thickness of Pavers: Thickness is a critical factor, especially for driveways. Patio pavers are generally about 60mm thick, suitable for foot traffic and patio furniture. while driveway pavers can be around 80mm to 100mm thick, and are capable of supporting much heavier loads
  • Base Preparation: The strength and durability of the base layer beneath the pavers is critical. A solid foundation usually made of compacted gravel and sand enhances the load-bearing capacity of the pavers.
  • Interlocking Design: Concrete pavers are sometimes called interlocking pavers. The joint sand that fills the spaces between pavers creates a mechanical interlock that allows multiple pavers to act as a single unit, helping so spread loads over a much larger area.

How do we build a stable, long lasting patio?

  • Paver choice: As a contractor, we have little control over the composition and compressive strength of the pavers we use. Our primary supplier, Barkman Concrete adheres to all CSA and ASTM requirements, meaning that all of their products have a minimum compressive strength of 5800 to 8000 PSI. They have a wide range of pavers intended for use in everything from residential patios to commercial parking lots and public roadways. As a Manitoba based company, we know their products are engineered to withstand our challenging climate.
  • Base Preparation: Even the strongest pavers, with the highest compressive strength will fail without a strong foundation. Your patio or driveway is a system where the proper materials and proper installation work together to support the loads required for each individual project. A 6 to 8 inch deep compacted stone base is ideal for most patios and walkways. Residential driveways require a 12 inch base, while parking lots need 18 inches or more depending on the type of traffic they will encounter.


The weight capacity of concrete pavers is dependent on all components of the system working together. Understanding how that system works and choosing the best materials for a given project ensures that we not only meet aesthetic preferences but also cater to functional requirements, ensuring a beautiful, durable and reliable paved surface.

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